Custom Die Stamping

Custom metal stampings are created through the proper utilization of a press, tool and die. The process begins by placing either coil or blank form flat sheet metal into a stamping press. The press then forms the metal into its intended shape. Numerous techniques can be used within the custom stamping process including: punching, blanking, coining, embossing, bending and flanging. 

Custom Metal Stamping Presses 

Large scale metal precision custom stamping presses are used to produce large volume custom stamping orders. These large scale custom precision stamping machines operate independent custom die sets that are utilized for large scale production work. These large scale custom metal stamping machines can produce custom stampings from a wide range of materials, with extremely close tolerances. Custom die stamping is an ideal way to create large volumes identical part orders at value driven prices.

Types of Custom Metal Stamping Presses 

All presses within a custom stamping operational process must be able to perform the task of ramming a metal die arm downward toward a lower die with enough force to shape, cut, or work the metal sheet goods. Hydraulic presses utilize water pressure to power the ram. Mechanical metal stamping equipment relies upon motor-driven flywheels for power. A servo press is a type of mechanical stamper that uses a specialized servomotor to focus power as needed throughout the stamping operation. 

Custom Die Stamping Applications 

Precision custom stamping can be applied to a wide range of materials based on their unique metalworking qualities across several industries. Custom die stamping may require the forming and processing of base common metals to rare alloys for their application specific advantages. Some industries require the electrical or thermal conductivity of high strength application of steel and its many alloys for the automotive industry or beryllium copper in areas such as aerospace, electrical, and the defense industry. Other industrial applications for custom stampings, include: 

Custom Stamping Benefits

Metal precision custom stamping is an industrial process that relies on machinery fitted with dies to create shapes from sheet metal. It is essential to numerous industries due to its outstanding overall benefits, some of which include: 


Custom metal stamping is a very quick process due to the amount of automation that is involved in this method. These machines generally operate at around 50 to 120 strokes per minute in the automotive industry and for general-purpose production. 


Since metal stamping is a highly automated process, it is very cost-effective compared to other methods due to lower labor costs. 


Custom precision stamping can create more complex and asymmetrical shapes than other metal-shaping methods. Advanced tool and die components can also be added to stamping machines to produce even more complex parts.

Custom Metal Stamping Materials

Progressive Die and Stamping produces high precision commercial stampings from a variety of flat stock metals and alloys. Materials we work with include:

  • Stainless steel
  • High carbon steel
  • Low carbon steel
  • Brass
  • Beryllium copper
  • Aluminum
  • and more

Many specialty materials are available upon request. Contact us to discuss your unique material requirements.

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