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Bringing the Work Back Home

A customer of ours is dissatisfied with the quality and reliability of parts produced overseas. Progressive Die and Stamping builds new progressive die tooling to be compeitive in pricing and to improve quality.

Here at Progressive Die And Stamping one of our customers were having Quality and reliability issues with one of their products they were having manufactured overseas. They approached us to see if we could help them with production of these parts. Our customer asked for pictures of the tooling used in the manufacturing process from the overseas supplier as they had purchased said tooling from the Asian manufacturer.

After examining the pictures received of the tools it was determined that we could in fact produce their parts in our shop to regain control of the manufacturing process here.(See the pictures of the six single stage tools old operation 1-6.) The only problem was that the parts were going to be too expensive making them with the six different tools required.

We proposed producing the parts with the existing tooling until a progressive die could be built that would make one complete part per stroke of the press. (See the picture of the progressive die and strip.) The cost of the tool was made up in the first couple of orders of the parts and now there is a substantial cost savings in the manufacture of this product.

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