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Progressive die tooling

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Progressive die stamping

A Progressive Die Stamping

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As our name, Progressive Die and Stamping, suggests, progressive die stamping is where we excel. If your project requires three-dimensional metal parts in quantities in the thousands to millions, stamping with progressive tools is the way to go. Progressive die stamping is the most economical metal stamping process there is.

Progressive die stamping can be used to create both simple and complex parts. We design and manufacture all our progressive tools in-house, allowing us to produce everything from earthquake/seismic turnoff valve components to locks and related hardware.

What is Progressive Die Stamping?

A short and simplified way to explain progressive stamping is that a coil of flat, thin metal stock is fed into a stamping machine. Holes are pierced, contours are cut, and bends are made, while advancing the part through sequential stations via a narrow carrier ribbon of material. At the end of the line, the part or parts are cut off, producing one or more custom metal stampings per cycle of the machine.

It is possible to produce a right and a left hand of identical stamped parts using the same progressive tools.

Our sales and tooling design teams will work closely with your purchasing and engineering staff to determine if progressive die stamping is the best and most cost-effective way to produce the high quality, precision metal stampings you need.

Whether you need simple bicycle parts, complex medical or dental services, or anthing in-between, we are your number one resource for precision stamped metal parts. Request a quote on the progressive die stamping for your project, or contact Progressive Die and Stamping for more information.